Small Bedroom Design Ideas That Are Big On Style

A small bedroom can often be a blessing for a design-loving soul. With fewer surfaces to decorate, fewer palettes to pick and fewer accents to consider, a small space can have you doing more with less. Here are 8 design ideas to inject your small bedroom with big style.

  1. Go light

White, cream, beige – any pale colour, really – is a smart pick for a petite bedroom. Light coloured walls, linens and decor can illuminate every square inch of your space and keep your room from looking cramped and claustrophobic. If your room lacks natural light, a pale palette can compensate for the absence of light and cocoon your space in luminosity. And hey, if you’re afraid to use white for fear of turning your room into a stark and spartan shell, consider layering your whites with assorted textures, linens and patterns to breathe softness into your space.

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  1. Fit your bed against a corner

There’s no holy grail that says your bed must be featured front and centre in your room. No, siree. Your room can profit from having your bed tucked against a compact corner or window, especially if you already lack floor space. A corner-fitted bed can conjure a sense of comfort and cosiness. Consider finishing off your arrangement with a two-way headboard to create symmetry in your bedroom aesthetic.

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  1. Customise your headboard

Speaking of headboards, if you decide not to fit your bed against a bedroom corner, there are plenty of ways you can still add form and function with your headboard. Go for a lean, short design to save wall space for art or decor. Add clever ergonomic features, like a built-in nightstand, electrical outlets or shelves for bedtime tchotchkes. Alternatively, if you consider a headboard an imposition, go the headboard-less route with an ad-hoc statement wall.

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  1. Be clever with storage and space

Multipurpose furniture is the way to go when it comes to small space maximisation. Pick a bed with built-in storage or a hydraulic design, consider fold-out furniture and mount your fixtures to open out your floor. Wall-mounted bedside lights are a great alternative to table lamps because they diminish the need for a nightstand. Also, go big with decorative storage. Invest in woven baskets and bins, and embrace aesthetic open arrangements. This way, you can turn your storage into an orderly and eye-catching display.

  1. Say yes to wallpaper

Bijou and bold go hand in hand. A head-turning wallpaper design can add a focal flair to your bedroom. Of course, you need to be careful with the design you choose. A busy design can cramp your room’s style. Conversely, a large pattern can give your room just the right dose of glam. Complement your wallpaper scheme by selecting bedding to match!

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  1. Float your shelves

Floating shelves can be a blessing in a compact bedroom because they can offer essential storage without encroaching on your floor space. Plus, there are so many ways you can use them to give your bedroom a functional facelift. Install them as an alternative to a nightstand, as a bespoke study or side table, as a bookshelf, or as an open showcase for curios.

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  1. Go for space-saving furniture

Furniture that slinks back into oblivion when not in use can channel lots of space back into the room. Nesting tables, hydraulic beds and fold-out study tables are furniture options you should consider to make the most out of your floor and your furniture.

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  1.  Raise your floor

Okay, now this one might involve a little more planning and execution than you’d like, but the finished product will be worth your time. By creating a split level via an elevated platform, you can offer the illusion of an exclusive bolthole within your bedroom. Plus, you can use all the extra space underneath for storage, and be the ultimate organising maven.

If you’ve been holding back on your decor makeover, give your small bedroom serious style points with these stylish bedroom decor ideas. There’s no better time than now to up your decor game and take your bijou bedroom to a whole new level.

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