Seven Amazing Interior Designs Will Blow You Away

Sig Bergamin

A national treasure in his native Brazil, Sig Bergamin is a decorator and art collector with clients in the United States, Europe, and South America. A typical Bergamin project, no matter what the style, is exuberant and full of life, and chances are it will be assembled with bright colors and international furnishings. His mastery of the mix has a tropical flair and balances the Old World with Brazilian modernism.

Mark Cunningham

As you may expect from a Polo Ralph Lauren alumnus, Mark Cunningham‘s rooms tend to be masculine, well tailored, and timeless. He likes his palette neutral, but the Florida-born designer isn’t afraid of shades like light blue and royal purple, either. He mixes crisply upholstered custom-made pieces, American antiques, and accessories masterfully, all resulting in a quietly invigorating look.

Robert Courturier

The French-born interior designer’s eccentric glamour delights high-profile clients ranging from writer Amy Fine Collins to hairstylist and entrepreneur Frederic Fekkai. Hist style is often a major mix of the grand and contemporary: Louis XVI commodes, cutting-edge modern lighting, flamboyant tapestries, knockout works of art, custom-made furniture with an Ottoman air, and dashes of Lesage embroidery.

Timothy Corrigan

Los Angeles and Paris-based Timothy Corrigan know a thing or two about European elegance given that he’s owned has owned three historic castles and penned, An Invitation to Château du Grand-Lucé about one’s renovation. The jet-setting decorator tends to a clientele that includes Madonna and an array of Middle Eastern royals.

 Shattered Light



A new amazing interior design idea in several different manifestations lately is shattered light. As electronic devices get smaller, it only make sense interior design will follow as well. In several emerging shattered light trends, a surface is made to look shattered and backlit. This technique has been seen on walls, tables, cabinets, and accent pieces, and is a groundbreaking way to showcase your favorite pieces.

Floating Glass


Another new amazing interior design is floating glass. This technique uses a white appliance, then adheres a thick piece of glass on the surface. The glass has no frame, giving the effect that it is hovering on top of the appliance. Floating glass appliances have been hailed as a great way to soften stark white appliances, and look nicely at home with existing stainless steel or chrome pieces.

Modern Faucets


Modern faucets are another amazing interior design idea that are making a comeback. More and more, we see form influence function in water fixtures for the home. Especially in the last few years, modern sinks and bath fixings have really been embellished. Truly beautiful faucets and sinks are now available, offering new, innovative ways to decorate your bathroom and kitchen.

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