Who says only interior decorators can be creative with home decor? It’s a myth. You too can be at your expressive best and add a lot of your colour to your home space. After all, your home is a reflection of you. In fact, the decorator may sometimes not understand your likes and dislikes and style the space in accordance to his or her own tastes. But when you do it on your own, you’ll enjoy yourself and more than anything, you’ll be making your imagination come alive!

  1. Use Antique Elements 

Adding antiques and attributing other rustic features to your home will evoke elements of nostalgia, tradition and mystery. Take for instance an old, rusty shoebox. Looking at it will remind you of an idyllic time you would have wished to live in, right? So go ahead and use a lot of these antiques, and see how much character it adds to your home!

Antique Elements For Home Decor

  1. Get Creative With Your Crockery

There’s a new fad nowadays, of creating personalized crockery sets- sets that have your own small sketch or painting in one of the corners. Try to experiment with such a space since it is largely unexplored when we talk about home decor. Kitchens are creative spaces and the creative juices must definitely spillover to even your dinnerware!

Crockery For Home Decor

  1. Give Different Rooms Different Themes

You could experiment with your home in many ways. One superbly creative way is to give different themes to each of your rooms. Give a gothic treatment to the bedroom and an ethnic Tanjore painting styled theme to your dining room. In that way, you’ll be mixing it up and making your home a kaleidoscopic splash of colour and style!

Home Decor Themes

  1. Paint Your Walls

Splash around your walls and see how much fun you can have with it. The process may seem daunting and arduous at the beginning but then you realise that right in front of you is a chance to do anything- an empty canvas, it is! The ideas will start growing as you go on sketching and painting and the end result- no matter good or bad, is bound to make you very happy!

Paint Your Walls

  1. Try Different Formations For Your Furniture

Just like you have different formations and field set-ups in the football and cricket, there are furniture placement formations in your home space too. Once you start mixing up those formations, you will have more ideas about the decor.

Different Formations For Your Furniture

These were a few tips on how you can don the creative hat and make your home a magical place. Make it the way you’ve envisioned your home to be. Follow us to get many more tips.

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