Home Decoration for your mediation center

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that keeping your mental health in check is one of the most essential things to remember, right now. More people are embracing their anxieties and depression, are open to conversations around mental health, and genuinely want to lead a better, meaningful life. Practising mindfulness and meditation have been popular techniques for a long time, and more people are putting them to use now. We thought we’d help you in creating your own peaceful, meditation area at home, to set aside some time for yourself every day:

Choose your spot

Meditation Corner- Choose your spot

Pick an area in your house which is the least interrupted by people walking around, outside noises or disturbance from the TV and other appliances. You can dedicate a whole room for your meditation corner, or you can even select a cosy corner where you can sit or lie down freely.

Create a Vibe

Most often, the less cluttered your meditation space is, the better it helps in keeping you focused. Get rid of any mess that’s currently in your spot and find a place to put all these things away. Creating a vibe for your meditation spot helps you in distinguishing that this area is yours and yours alone, and only to be used for meditating. Once you start practising this, it becomes easier for you to not use that space for anything else, and maintains the sanctity.

Make it comfortable

Meditation Corner- Comfortable

Certain elements add a special touch to your chosen corner and remind you what purpose it serves. Add comfortable cushions and rugs for you to sit or lie down and practice breathing exercises on. You can either roll up the rug and tuck it away with the cushions once you’re done, or leave the arrangement as is. The Bounceseating arrangement from Furlenco is compact and colourful, which can be separated into individual units or placed together.

Include sounds and smells

Meditation Corner- Sound & Smell

The most tried and tested method of practising mindfulness is to become aware of the sights, smells and sounds immediately surrounding you. You can add potted plants, pebbles, dreamcatchers, crystals or beads if you need them for chanting or a painting which calms you down. Light a few scented candles and play soothing music while you meditate. Listening to the sounds of running water or birds chirping also help. Personalize the space to suit your needs.

Follow these tips to create a sacred haven for yourself which you can’t wait to come home to, after a long and tiring day.

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