Here is the Four festive home decor tips for Diwali Celebration

It’s time to get into the Diwali spirit, yet again! We’re sure you’re pumped to celebrate with all the energy you’ve got, and few things capture the essence of celebration like the words “home decor” do. Diwali is that time of the year when your house gets an ultra-festive make-over, and this year should be no different. So, to light up your home and make it truly reflect the festive spirit even more than before, we’ve compiled a little list of home decor ideas to brighten up your Diwali!

1) Think beyond diyas and lights

We agree, of course, that no Diwali is complete without the serene diyas in every corner of the house. The lights and lanterns adorning the walls and ceiling are integral parts too. The elements are such an important part of everyone’s Diwali decorations that they almost define the festival itself. So, yes, you should light those lamps and make your house look stunning!

But there are so many other parts of your house that you can take advantage of to reflect the Diwali spirit! Flower vases, table runners, sofa and cushion covers, these are all so many other focal points in your home that can be made up to look beautiful for Diwali. Brighten up your space with vibrant designs, patterns and colours.

Diwali Home Decor

You can try out different setups of the cushions on your couch or your bed, or even try out a special floor seating arrangement for Diwali! You can find fantastic floor seating solutions here that are both functional, and can make your living room look festive ready!

2) Living Room is Number 1

Whether you’re rearranging your furniture, trying out different cushion/sofa covers and setups, or doing a complete overhaul and going for brand new decor entirely, your living room is going to be the central area of focus to both you and your guests on Diwali. Keep this in mind while you spruce up the place for Diwali.

Diwali Living Room Decor

Pick furniture and decor that works with the Diwali theme, but at the same time, personalise it too. It might sound a little hard, but when you pick your furniture and the soft furnishings such as cushion covers, carpets and lighting that go with it, keep your tastes and preferences in mind. Compare these choices with generic Diwali design element; festival colours include red, brown, gold and yellow. Patterns can be more ethnic or minimalistic renditions of the same. Try out different looks and choose what works best for you, and your living room!

3) Let there be light

Diwali lighting doesn’t have to be restricted to diyas, lanterns and fairy lights. You can incorporate more adventurous ideas that include quirky arrangements of bulbs that hang from the ceiling, beaded chandeliers and standing lamps. You can use a combination of all of these, or pick and choose different looks for different areas to create a unique and classy ambience for your entire home.

Diwali Decor

You may have a home with beautiful furniture and a great layout, and when done right, the lighting will help these elements stand out. Remember that warm hues, especially soft yellow or off-white, work best for the Diwali look.

4) Put it together your way

The idea behind picking home decor for Diwali is fundamentally simple. The aim is to create a cohesive, wholesome look that distinctly brings out the spirit of the festival. You achieve this distinction not by matching the styles and looks of the different items you pick for your home, but rather by ensuring that they are personal choices made by you that have an overarching festive theme. In short, don’t shy away from personalising, just make sure you have Diwali on your mind when you do!

Diwali Furniture Decor

This means you can experiment with several treatments of the Diwali theme, including minimalist, rustic, glitzy and earthy; go for something that works for you and reflects your personality.

Whatever decisions you make, make sure to pour in dollops of your own style, while also ensuring it makes your place look warm, comfortable and welcoming. When it comes down to it, that’s what Diwali is all about!

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