Here are some Home Improvements that you can apply your home

Smart home


Remember The Jetsons? It seemed like wacky science fiction to us at the time, but their tech-savvy home was their version of our Smart Homes today. “Add lighting, video cameras, switches, dimmers, outlets, heating and cooling, and security systems which are compatible with your smartphone or virtual assistant,” says Graboyes. You won’t believe these tech trends for 2018.

Replace the roof


“If your home is over 20 years old, it’s time to replace the roof,” instructs Graboyes. “Even if there are no leaks or issues, by providing the next homeowner with the assurance of a new roof, your home’s list price will ultimately improve.” Energy-efficient roof choices are more available as well as other options like a white metal roof which can be up to 60 percent cooler than a black asphalt shingle roof.

Curb appeal


Tinder isn’t the only app you swipe right on if you like a photo. Home buyers quickly swipe past homes on apps that lack curb appeal. An attractive well-manicured lawn and an attractive front door is a good start, but Graboyes suggests sprucing up your landscaping, repairing or resealing the driveway, pressure washing the house and sidewalk, replacing the mailbox and house letters, and of course, adding some potted flowers to the front entryway for a welcoming touch. Add these beautiful summer flowers for a cheery look.


Paint your front door


According to realtor Luis Dominguez of Douglas Elliman Real Estate, the front door also symbolizes the entire face of the home. “Having an updated front door with quality door handles is a great first impression,” says Dominguez. He finds that red, yellow, or blue doors are currently the most popular. According to a CBS Money Watch report, Zillow found doors painted in navy blue, dark gray, or charcoal fetched a $1,514 boost to the home’s value.

Motorized window shades


“The biggest ‘wow factor’ I’m seeing right now is motorized window shades,” says Dominguez. It’s easier to adjust the shades when you don’t have to get on a step ladder, plus new shades are almost always cordless and child-safe, factors parents of young children will appreciate. When it comes to bedrooms, blackout and light-filtering options are ideal. Don’t miss these easy upgrades that can add serious value to your home.

Kitchen countertops


Top of most home improvement lists are stone countertops. “Whether it is granite or quartz, the potential home buyer will not see the kitchen as finished without them,” says Dominguez. Consider installing under-cabinet lighting to showcase the countertops.

Update the color palette


Painting the interior of your home in neutrals, especially trendy gray, will render top dollar according to Dominguez. “Finding the right combination for a home will certainly increase its appeal and overall image. On the other hand, properties with dated colors, like pink, yellow, and green always tend to sell for less than a freshly, contemporary, painted home,” says Dominguez. These simple, inexpensive upgrades seriously boost your home’s value, too.

Feature walls


“Home buyers are looking for unique homes,” says Dominguez. Accent walls with exposed brick, rustic wood panels, and wallpaper (yes, it’s back!) add visual impact and highlight architectural features. Seeing something they have not seen before will definitely have them talking about your house, and hopefully the conversation is about making an offer!

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